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Fast Lane to Babel

April 4, 2009 admin 0

PRESIDENT OBAMA called the G-20 summit a “turning point” in the recovery of the global economy. It was indeed a turning point, but perhaps not one he’s aware of–or at least not one he’d admit to publicly.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was closer to the truth when he said “a new world order is emerging”. New in form, perhaps, but in function it’s very, very old.

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All Your Banks Are Belong To Us

February 21, 2009 admin 0

By DEREK P. GILBERT February 21, 2009 THE CONCEPT of nationalization is getting traction in Washington, D.C., where even prominent Republicans like Sen. Lindsay Graham […]

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Another Sign of the Times

August 1, 2008 admin 0

By DEREK P. GILBERT July 29, 2008 Extreme Makeover becomes extreme foreclosure: More than 1,800 people showed up to help ABCs “Extreme Makeover” team demolish […]