Future Watch 2045: Rise of Sentient Cities

Rumors abound of ‘ghost cities’ across China, but recent news out of Korea reveals that most of Asia plans to move millions of bright and promising citizens into new ‘smart cities’. The goal of these connected communities may sound lofty, and the sleek future ‘utopia’ promised by city planners is undoubtedly tempting to those not paying attention, but connected cities could become a deathtrap if a sentient Artificial Intelligence arises (as many futurists and technologists predict). The more humanity depends on software to provide our daily needs, the less freedoms we truly have.

And here’s a thought: If countries like India, China, and South Korea have plans to move entire populations into pristine playgrounds, is it likely that they’ll want to move everyone? Probably not. It’s more likely that these beautiful new surroundings will be limited to those who can afford them or ‘deserve them’, according to a checklist (i.e. how much can the person contribute to the city via brainpower or brawnpower?).

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