Debt collector uncovers a series of lies and coverups

Please, take time to read through this gentleman’s articles. You can also listen to him being interviewed by Rick Wiles at If possible, we’ll schedule him for a VFTB interview to follow up the one Derek will be recording with Jerome Corsi this weekend. — PID

(THE OBAMA HUSTLE BLOG) — This is all new to me.  I was / am just a regular run-of-the-mill American who loves his Alabama Football, “ROLL TIDE” and his  life very quiet and unassuming life in the South.  However, quietly and privately I have been making discoveries that have totally changed my point of view over the man who I voted for in 2008.  I am a Libertarian who voted for Obama because I felt that at the time he was the only half way decent choice we had.

via theobamahustle.

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