House Dems protest GOP's plans for permanent war against terror

Wait just a doggone minute there, boys and girls! A ‘state of permanent war’? Powers to the Prez that essentially cut out Congress with declarations of war? And 33 dems are opposing it. It’s playing out by the numbers, isn’t it? Let’s see if this passes…. — PID

(THE HILL) — Nearly three dozen House Democrats are calling on Republicans to withdraw a section of the 2012 defense authorization bill that they say would effectively declare a state of permanent war against unnamed Taliban and al Qaeda operatives.

A Tuesday letter from House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) and 32 other Democrats argues that affirming continued war against terrorist forces goes too far, giving too much authority to the president without debate in Congress.

via House Dems protest GOP’s plans for permanent war against terror – The Hill’s Floor Action.

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