What's at Stake in the GOP's Challenge to Health Care Reform

Weaponized smallpox? What? Why not use an influenza epidemic to make your point? Instead, author Garrett Epps plays a more frightening card…one based on a disease that is supposed to be extinct! Consider his confession near the end of the article: “I do think, however, that Judge Hudson’s opinion is wrong. Grievously wrong. Threat-to-the-nation-from-rampaging-smallpox wrong.” The Smallpox meme is growing, folks. It’s becoming a monster. — PID

(THE ATLANTIC) — Imagine for a moment a sudden outbreak of smallpox–weaponized smallpox, if your taste runs to Jack Bauer-style scenarios. Airborne, highly contagious, deadly, it has the capability of spreading across the country and beyond in weeks, if not contained with a program of vaccination–vaccination not for a few, but for everybody, as soon as possible.

If Congress passed emergency authorization for the program, would you want a judge to block it? What if some citizens preferred not to be vaccinated? What if they promised Scouts honor not to get smallpox, or if they did, not to give it anyone else?

via Whats at Stake in the GOPs Challenge to Health Care Reform – Garrett Epps – National – The Atlantic.

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