New Zero-Day Vulnerability Hits Internet Explorer | Trend Micro

If you’re reading this page using Internet Explorer, you might want to consider either switching to IE 9 or downloading Firefox now. That being said, we also wonder what software our nuclear sites use. Can this ‘backdoor’ be used to upload viruses like, oh, say, Stuxnet? — PID

(TREND MICRO) — /SNIP/ It is not clear when this vulnerability will be patched, but until then users can take some steps to protect themselves. The beta version of Internet Explorer 9 is not affected by this vulnerability, and users can upgrade to this version to protect against this vulnerability. Other mitigating steps are mentioned in the advisory, but these mitigating steps will cause most, if not all, websites to load improperly.

via New Zero-Day Vulnerability Hits Internet Explorer | Malware Blog | Trend Micro.

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