Fox Goes Dark On Cablevision Systems

So, what held up the negotiations with News Corp? Ideological differences or just plain money?  Either way, the management of the local channels appear to be ‘cheesed’. And you have to love the presumed typo in the fifth paragraph of the article. Quote: “News Corp. has refused to  negotiate in god faith…” — Emphasis ours, PID

(MULTI CHANNEL NEWS) –/SNIP/ The cable channels aired a terser version: “News Corp. has pulled this channel from your lineup along with Fox 5 and MY 9. We are currently in negotiations with News Corp on a new programming agreement and hope to return this channel to your lineup quickly. For more information please tune to Channel 5 or visit Thank You.”

via Fox Goes Dark On Cablevision Systems – 2010-10-16 04:22:34 | Multichannel News.

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