NYC Craigslist Ad Proclaims: First Contact – UFO/E.T/Dimensional Reality shift happing NOW

We’ll most likely speak a bit about this tonight on PID Live along with billboards that we saw over and over again on the way that announced ‘This is My Time’, referring to the so-called Mary apparitions at Medjugoje. — PID

(NYC Craigslist) — They have returned indeed – I am Ground Crew for the GFL – my roots are from Sirius aka I’m Sirian, The Pleiadians are heading up the First Contact and many star friends are with them like the Arcturians.

First Contact may very well begin this month or the next but one way or another there will be millions of UFO star fleets, light ships showing up any day now after the 10.10.10 gateway the door just gets that much bigger –

The Energy is changing so fast and everyone awake or sleeping is feeling something different – the internet is our connection and proof of all of that 100%. Also the Agarthans will be joining us from Hollow Earth….

via First Contact – UFO/E.T/Dimensional Reality shift happing NOW.

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