CIA used 'illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones' | The Register

Look for this one to either disappear entirely or become huge (like Promis).  If this 13 meter ‘accuracy’ problem is ongoing, then it’s a miracle the real target is ever hit. Note also, that the whole purpose of this software is to match intelligence about the cell phone owner with the geospatial signals.  BTW, do you recall that some police departments are using drones? And isn’t it interesting that the story comes to light just as IBM is set to buy Netezza. — PID

(THE REGISTER) — The CIA is implicated in a court case in which it’s claimed it used an illegal, inaccurate software “hack” to direct secret assassination drones in central Asia.

The target of the court action is Netezza, the data warehousing firm that IBM bid $1.7bn for on Monday. The case raises serious questions about the conduct of Netezza executives, and the conduct of CIA’s clandestine war against senior jihadis in Afganistan and Pakistan.

The dispute surrounds a location analysis software package – “Geospatial” – developed by a small company called Intelligent Integration Systems (IISi), which like Netezza is based in Massachusetts. IISi alleges that Netezza misled the CIA by saying that it could deliver the software on its new hardware, to a tight deadline.

via CIA used ‘illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones’ • The Register.

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