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This one is important. Be sure to read the entire article at Zero Hedge. MadHedgeFundTrader is dead on in his analysis of the tracking systems currently used by corporations and even small businesses–and particularly by the ‘social networking’ sites. If you’re on the ‘net’, then your life is an open book. The ‘total information’ age is upon us. — PID

By MadHedgeFundTrader (ZERO HEDGE) — Hey! You there, staring at this monitor. This is your PC talking to you. No, not you over there standing in the background. I’m talking to the guy sitting in front of me poking at my keys. Ouch! That one hurt!

So you thought no one was watching, did you? Let me straighten you out. About a month ago you clicked on a certain website, and I installed myself as a cookie on your computer, which is an innocuous little text file that you can’t see. Since then, I have been tracking your every move, recording websites you clicked on, the pages you visited, and the stuff you ordered. I then used this handy little algorithm to build a profile of exactly who you are. I now know you better than your own mother. In fact, I know you better than you know yourself.

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