North Dakota: Deadly downpour at Columbus

While the headline attributes the fish kill to a heavy downpour, we’re wondering what might be brewing underground. Note the description of the water: “A sulfur-like smell….” Hat tip to Kim for sending us the link! — PID

(MINOT DAILY NEWS) — Normally the Fourth of July weekend at Short Creek Dam is a joyous and festive occassion. It wasn’t this year.

When local Columbus Sportsmen’s Club member Shannon Burau went to Short Creek last Friday morning to mow the campground in preparation for the big weekend, he discovered what he described as a sickening scene.”It just made me ill. The whole shoreline was pretty much solid with dead fish and it was stinking like a lagoon,” said Burau. “It was just a disaster, a disaster. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

via North Dakota: Deadly downpour at Columbus — Signs of the Times News.

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