Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well?

This drumbeat is growing louder. Even Bill Clinton is calling for the well to be ‘bombed’, though he laughed off a ‘nuclear’ blast. We’ll see. — PID

(REUTERS) — His face wracked by age and his voice rasping after decades of chain-smoking coarse tobacco, the former long-time Russian Minister of nuclear energy and veteran Soviet physicist Viktor Mikhailov knows just how to fix BP’s oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

“A nuclear explosion over the leak,” he says nonchalantly puffing a cigarette as he sits in a conference room at the Institute of Strategic Stability, where he is a director. “I don’t know what BP is waiting for, they are wasting their time. Only about 10 kilotons of nuclear explosion capacity and the problem is solved.”

via Special Report: Should BP nuke its leaking well? | Reuters.

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