New York Statues Mistaken For People About To Commit Suicide

(SKY NEWS) — A collection of life-size statues on buildings has caused confusion in New York after they were mistaken for real people about to commit suicide.

The 27 naked men, all anatomically correct, have been bolted to rooftops and ledges as part of installation Event Horizon.

PID comment:  Chris Knowles at the Secret Sun blog notes some of the odd details of the Event Horizon display.  For example, 27 is 3 x 3 x 3 (i.e., 33), and one of the statues is installed facing the Empire State Building–a giant obelisk–on 33rd Street.

Or are there 31 (an inverted 13) statues?

Chris also points out that the 27 or 31 “watchers” look like angels whose wings have been torn off.

via New York: Antony Gormley Event Horizon Statues Mistaken For People About To Commit Suicide | World News | Sky News.

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