'Heavenly Angels drill' shuts down Israel

Unannounced security forces’ exercise creates huge traffic jams across nation; police set up roadblocks on major roads, including Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Highway. Eyewitness: I’ve never seen anything like it

(YNET) — An unannounced police drill involving other security forces caused huge traffic jams nationwide Thursday afternoon.

Among the scenarios practiced in the drill was a terrorist takeover of two sites in Tel Aviv and mock negotiations with hostage-takers, Tel Aviv District Police Chief Shahar Ilan said.

/snip/ The drill, codenamed Heavenly Angels, is being led by Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen as part of the police’s regular training plan for preparing to face various threats. Police officials stressed that the exercise was not undertaken in response to any concrete information or threat. [emphasis PID]

via News from Israel, Ynetnews.

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