Obama's Kyrgyzstan Disaster

(AMERICAN THINKER) — /snip/ Last summer, it looked like the Obama administration had scored a significant victory in Kyrgyzstan. The Putin regime in Moscow dropped a $2-billion bundle of cash on the tiny country as a bribe to induce it to refuse to renew the U.S. government lease on a military base at the Manas airport outside the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek. Manas is a key staging area for the battle in Afghanistan.

But Moscow was soon sputtering and fuming as U.S. counter-bribing successfully induced the Kyrgyz government to pocket the Russian cash and allow the U.S. to keep using the base.

Fast-forward to last Wednesday, when the streets of Bishkek exploded in bloody violence (caution, link contains graphic photos of the carnage) and the pro-U.S. regime was ousted.

via American Thinker: Obama’s Kyrgyzstan Disaster.

PID COMMENT: Putin is pulling the strings, and Obama dances. In the aftermath of the horrific ‘accident’ in Russia, will Poland’s Prime Minister and incoming President turn their faces toward Russia as well?  Most likely, yes. With Gazprom set to control the ‘warmth’ of Eastern and Western Europe through Nord Stream and South Stream pipelines, the US might find itself out in the cold.

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