Our universe at home within a larger universe?

ScienceDaily Apr. 7, 2010 — Could our universe be located within the interior of a wormhole which itself is part of a black hole that lies within a much larger universe?

Such a scenario in which the universe is born from inside a wormhole also called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge is suggested in a paper from Indiana University theoretical physicist Nikodem Poplawski…

via Our universe at home within a larger universe? So suggests physicist’s wormhole research.

PID COMMENT:  Basically, our universe went down the rabbit hole and came out in Wonderland. I suppose that’s one way to get around God and the origin of all matter. Blame it on another universe altogether. As Onslo would state in the Britcom, ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, “Oh, nah-eece.”

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  1. Yeah it’s kind of funny. There was a video posted in the RRN email group and it was a documentary about a discovery of such a fine tuning of the Univers that it could only point to the fact that there is a creator who is in control of everything; but, out of fear that creationists would use this information to prove their point of view the physicists could not accept this as a possibility. So, they came up with an entirely different theory and one that could never be proven or tested… Multiple Universes… If there were multiple big bangs and multiple universes that were all created by chance circumstances then, the fact that our universe is so finely tuned could now be written off as just a mere mishap.

    Interestingly they don’t address the fact that if there were multiple universes that just happened to be created together, then that also disproves the possibilty of the universe(s) being created by “chance”.

    Here is the link to the video:

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