Is this the face of Jesus Christ?

(WND) — The world will have an extraordinary opportunity to look upon an undistorted, never-before-seen, moving 3-D portrait of a man who many think is the crucified Jesus Christ.

In just one week, graphic experts will bring to life an imprint on the holy relic known as the Shroud of Turin, believed by millions to be the burial shroud of Christ.

via Is this the face of Jesus Christ?.

PID COMMENT: While we find the shroud fascinating, we at PID make no claim that the relic is or is not the image of our Savior. It might be–it might not be. But the notion of a ‘lifelike’ 3-D image presented to the world brings up a disturbing possibility: with the Merovingian claims of descendancy from Jesus through Mary Magdalene, what if a man who looks JUST LIKE THE IMAGE suddenly appeared on the world stage, working miracles??

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