PM: J’lem is not a settlement; it is our capital

WASHINGTON (JERUSALEM POST) – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reiterated Israeli claims to Jerusalem and rejected assertions that it was not fully committed to peace, in a speech Monday night sandwiched between meetings with top US leaders aimed at smoothing over recent disagreements.

Netanyahu arrived here Monday and held an hour-long meeting at his hotel with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before delivering his address to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Monday night.

via PM: J’lem is not a settlement.

PID COMMENT: Take note that the new head of AIPAC  (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee) is Lee Rosenberg, an old Chicago chum and former adviser to Obama. Rosenberg is also a close friend of Rahm Emanuel. We need to keep the Israeli people and leadership in our prayers; we must pray that the Lord would turn their hearts back to Him, and that the name of the Lord would be lifted up in the land He claimed as His own. May Jesus Christ be praised!

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