Obama postpones Asia trip to focus on health care

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama has postponed his trip to Asia until June so he can stay in Washington for a possible Sunday vote on his health care overhaul plan.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday the president is disappointed and regrets having to delay his visits to Indonesia and Australia but has told the leaders of those nations that health care is a crucial priority.

“The president believes right now the place for him to be is in Washington seeing this through,” Gibbs said.

via Obama postpones Asia trip to focus on health care.

PID COMMENT: Of course, this has nothing at all to do with the protests against Obama currently taking place in Indonesia (one of his destinations during the ‘canceled’ trip), right?  Note, too, that the ‘Slaughter Rule vote’  (named for House Rules Committee Chairwoman Slaughter) is scheduled for this weekend, coinciding with the Vernal Equinox. (BTW, the attack on Iraq began on March 20–the vernal equinox 2003).

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