Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy?

(AUGUST REVIEW) — Technocracy must be seen for what it is: An attempt to impose a totalitarian, scientific dictatorship. In 1933, it called for the inauguration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt as dictator in order to “pave the way for economic revolution.” Fortunately at the time, they failed in their attempted coup.

Implementing 1930’s-style Technocracy requires a method of monitoring, measuring and controlling consumption of energy on a nationwide basis. The federal government is racing to implement Smart Grid that will place a digital, Wi-Fi enabled power meter on every home in the U.S.  Appliance makers are gearing up to include Smart Grid Wi-Fi circuitry, allowing two-way communication between your appliances, the power meter, the utility company and the Department of Energy.

If today’s Smart Grid is successfully completed, it will enable the conversion of our existing economic system into something far different and far worse.

via Smart Grid: The Implementation of Technocracy?.

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