In Egypt, hail storm kills 4, injures 50

(PRESS TV) — A hail storm in Cairo has killed four people and injured more than 50 others.

The extreme weather conditions caused chaos in Egypt’s capital city, resulting in traffic accidents and widespread panic, AFP reported.

In the country’s second largest city, Alexandria, located on the Mediterranean Sea coast waves as high as a two-story building hit the shore, the daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

via In Egypt, hail storm kills 4, injures 50.

PID COMMENT: We found this video at YouTube showing the hail. Though small, it must have been a big surprise to the locals (the injuries appear to have resulted from panic). The additional story of ‘sea waves’, is particularly interesting in light of a similar event in California about 2 weeks ago. Curiously, the CA event occurred on the 13th with 13 people injured. Here’s the Cairo video:

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