Bottom line at health summit: lots of smoke

WASHINGTON (AP) – Cue the cameras. President Barack Obama and his Republican arch foes will argue their case on health care overhaul at a bipartisan summit expected to stretch out for a solid six hours on live, daytime television Thursday for millions of Americans.

Expect them to collide, not come together. Without a no-nonsense referee to slam the gavel on mind-fogging jargon, not to mention apocalyptic rhetoric, some viewers might wish Judge Judy was presiding.

via Bottom line at health summit: lots of smoke – Yahoo! News.

PID COMMENT: Good heavens! Could AP slant this article any more? Republican ‘arch foes’? Touting the bill as ‘what may be their last chance in a generation to provide health insurance coverage to nearly all Americans’? Holy partisanship Batman!

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