UFO seen in park in SW England

(EXMOUTH HERALD) — Exmouth man Roy Shaw has exclusively spoken about the moment he came face-to-face with what UFO experts are calling a Close Encounter of the Third Kind, writes Becca Gliddon.

UFO sceptic Mr Shaw, of Withycombe Village Road, is the latest resident to report seeing strange coloured lights – and says he spotted what he can only describe as a spaceship landing in Phear Park. The retired engineer and his dog ran for home when a white ‘shimmering’ shape began walking towards them.

Roy Shaw does not believe in aliens, ghosts, flying saucers or anything he cannot physically touch or explain.

Mr Shaw said: “The object was round in shape and about 30-feet in diameter and 100-foot long, with blue and red flashing lights on its perimeter, and it appeared to land at the top end of the park by the bowling green.

“My dog started to growl when, what I can only describe as a white shape, came towards us.  It was about four-feet high and seemed to be translucent, and moved very slowly towards us.”

via Exmouth Herald – UFO seen in Phear Park, Exmouth.

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