Muslim student adviser: Death penalty for 'gays'

(QWND) — Vanderbilt University is distancing itself from a Muslim chaplain after he told a gathering of students homosexuality is punishable by death under Islam.

“I don’t have a choice as a Muslim to accept or reject teachings. I go with what Islam teaches,” said Awadh A. Binhazim, who is listed on the Vanderbilt website as “Adjunct Professor of Islam at the Divinity School” and an adviser to the Muslim Student Association. His comments came earlier this week at a diversity event for students.

via Muslim student adviser: Death penalty for ‘gays’.

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  1. Interesting and I believe I heard yesterday that president Obama wants to repeal the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy on gays. It would be interesting on what stance the president will talk. Will being openly gay be OK or punishable? Would give us some insight into his Islamic leanings. He did study the Koran while a student in Indonesia.

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