Obama diverts CIA to spy on … polar bears!

(WND) — Despite terrorist attacks against the United States recurring with the Fort Hood shooting and the December underwear bomber, President Obama has tasked the Central Intelligence Agency with investigating global warming.

Obama has resurrected a program formerly cancelled by President Bush that shares information from the CIA’s spy satellites and other classified sensors with environmental scientists. The program, called Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis, or MEDEA, has already been used by a group of government-chosen scientists to measure Arctic sea ice.

via Obama diverts CIA to spy on … polar bears!.

PID COMMENT:  Aside from the inherent craziness of diverting CIA activities to look for global warming, the name of the program is intriguing–MEDEA. She was the granddaughter of Helios and wife of Jason. Once again, our government seems to work hard to find pagan acronyms.

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