Abandoned Van Prompts Police Response in Times Square

(NYT) — Updated, 12:58 p.m. | Police officers surrounded and began examining a suspicious-looking panel truck parked and apparently abandoned in Times Square on Wednesday morning. The truck, a 1992 Dodge with tinted windows covered by a tarpaulin, was discovered at Broadway and 42nd Street, near where the annual Times Square New Year’s Eve celebration is set to take place under heavy security provisions.

Officials said the van had apparently not been moved for some days.

via Abandoned Van Prompts Police Response in Times Square – City Room Blog – NYTimes.com.

PID COMMENT: Consider this story another component to the 24/7 Terrorist Meme now saturating the news cycles. We’re told by Fox News reporters on the scene that the ‘suspicious’ van has forged plates with a placard for a ‘fake’ police force in the window. This van has been sitting on 42nd street for at least 48 hours, which is in itself incredible due to the location and timing (so close to New Year’s Eve).  The van is sitting at the base of a high rise building.

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