Iran test-fires advanced missile

(BBC NEWS) — Iran has successfully test-fired an improved version of a medium-range missile, state television has said.

The Sajjil-2 has a longer range than previously-tested missiles which could travel 2,000km (1,243 miles), Iran’s Arabic-language TV station announced.

That range would put Israel and US bases in the Gulf within range.

Story and Video via BBC News – Iran test-fires advanced missile.

PID COMMENT: Is Iran preparing for a preemptive strike? Perhaps. With their submarines now patrolling the Gulf of Aden, and their scientists growing ever nearer warhead/missile capability (particularly if Iran can strike US assets), the temptation to press the button must be driving Ahmadinejad crazy. Let us not forget that he believes a great war will usher in the appearance of the 12th Iman, al-Mahdi.

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