Jerusalem stone and the genocide of Titus

By James Lewis (AMERICAN THINKER) — Israel’s high rise buildings in Jerusalem are built out of Jerusalem stone, a beautiful natural building material that makes even the new city look gloriously resurrected from the very hills themselves. Obama is a Third World socialist, meaning that he sees everything through the lens of revenge against Western colonialism of the 19th century. Where Obama sees “settlements,” Israelis see 900 units of beautiful high-rise buildings made out of the living rock of the land.

via American Thinker: Jerusalem stone and the genocide of Titus.

Be sure to read this one. Lewis does a wonderful job of explaining the Israeli mindset as opposed to Obama’s ‘third world’ experience. We especially like the comparison of Europe’s dependence on US military protection as being like a rebellious teenager: “In fact, it’s just hostile-dependent rage, like a teenager unwilling to leave home. The anger is real and constant, all right, but he still won’t clean his bedroom or earn his own living. That’s Europe today,  just like it is our dependent domestic populations that live on welfare.” — PID

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