Al Gore: Earth's Interior 'Extremely Hot, Several Million Degrees'

(PID News) — You gotta love Al Gore. He just keeps getting it all wrong. For instance, in the video linked below, he tells Conan O’Brien that we can access ‘geothermal energy’ supplies just 2-3 kilometers down.

Gore tells O’Brien: “…People think about geothermal energy — when they think about it at all — in terms of the hot water bubbling up in some places, but two kilometers or so down in most places there are these incredibly hot rocks, ’cause the interior of the earth is extremely hot, several million degrees…”

Oh really? Does Al know that the tectonically stable shield areas and sedimentary basins have average gradients that typically vary from 0.82–1.65°F/100 ft (15–30°C/km). This means that 2 km down, the temperature would only go up about 30-60 degrees Celsius.

Millions of degrees? Apparently, Al lives on the sun. Read more about it at National Review Online.

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