Der Spiegel/Opinion: Obama Has Failed the World on Climate Change

The 2008 darling of Berlin is now the class dunce. The linked article reflects a growing anti-Obama sentiment now rising among those who embrace the global governance (and religious fervor) of climate change.

Christian Schwägerl of Der Spiegel, who once believed in BHO’s promise of ‘change’ is now wondering why ‘Climate Change’ isn’t on the menu. Can you spell disenchantment? — PID

Obama was quite happy to make the trip to Copenhagen in October to support his hometown Chicago’s bid to host the Olympic Games. But he is currently leaving open the question of whether he will come to the Danish capital in December for the UN Climate Change Conference. In doing so, he has given other world leaders the signal that they do not need to attend. If the Copenhagen summit, which energy strategists and environmentalists have been preparing for two years, is a failure, then it will mainly be Obama’s fault.

Opinion: Obama Has Failed the World on Climate Change – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

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