Ukraine virus mystery deepens

(RADIO NETHERLANDS WORLDWIDE) — Ukraine is in a state of hysteria as a mystery flu epidemic grips the country in the run-up to presidential elections. Schools have been closed and there is a ban on public gatherings.

The situation is so bad, the mayor of Kiev is even planning to have the Champions League football match between Dynamo Kiev and Italian side Inter-Milan played behind closed doors on Wednesday evening. At the very least – at the least spectators will be asked to wear face masks.

The country ordered 650,000 doses of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu at the weekend and hundreds of thousands more doses are already on their way. Millions of face masks are also being produced.

The mystery of the unidentified flu virus in Ukraine, first reported by RNW on 29 October, has deepened. The websites of various conspiracy theorists are now even discussing the possibility that biological warfare experiments are the cause.

via Ukraine virus mystery deepens | Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

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