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President Bush was reading a book about 'goats' when he learned of the second plane on 9/11

By Sue Bradley
© 2008 Sue Bradley|RaidersNewsNetwork

The complexity of the United States beginning in the 1960’s introduced the even darker decade of the 1970’s via Hollywood, television, electronic games and music. Though hardly sequestered to a single, reasoned and seemingly indeterminable event, this period of US history, indeed the entire western society, has led the world to a virtually inescapable and menacing uneasiness.

In a recent book, “I COULD TELL YOU BUT THEN YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE DESTROYED BY ME: EMBLEMS FROM THE PENTAGON’S BLACK WORLD,” authorTrevor Paglen has documented, detailed, described and disseminated the bizarre communication rituals, ancient mingled with contemporary, which are extraordinarily obvious, strikingly specific in design with the precision of a master communicator intended for ‘the initiated‘ or flagrantly flaunted with purpose for ““those who have eyes to see.”

Using documents and testimonials furnished by the Freedom of Information Act, Mr. Paglen follows the paths of the guides and gestures these emblems discreetly articulate. The ‘off the cuff’ explanation of these symbols deny a voluminous and extensive program of darkness: one that was not to be penetrated until implemented and which has grown exponentially since September 11, 2001.

The use of subliminals and psychological tactics for warfare is not a recent development: ancient tablets and scrolls validate some remarkably sophisticated methods. Using our modern background as a springboard, author and pastor Russ Dizdar of SHATTER THE DARKNESS Ministry, is exposing the unseen and quite often innocuous methods by which the US Military has been infiltrated by malignant and malevolent forces.

A new series, “Secret Covert Spiritual Warfare and the Covens Within the US Military” documents a little known program known as, The First Earth Battalion.

In the late 1970’s a US soldier who witnessed the horrors of Vietnam, Lt. Col Jim Channon proposed a military which used New Age/ Psyops techniques rather than traditional military munitions. Lt. Col. Channon envisioned the regiment’’s name as “The First Earth Battalion.” Although the regiment was never officially formed, Channon did however manage to publish a field manual using non-lethal methods which would use the sounds of small animals being slaughtered, primal screams and positive vibrations in an attempt to control and thus neutralize an opposing army.

Lt. Col. Channon employed other considerations as well: yogic exercises, chanting, and earsplitting noises to disarm and disorient a battlefield enemy. A particularly unusual practice was to use combined psychic force by staring at goats with a projected result to have these goats explode from within. The First Air Battalion designated this effort “Project Jedi Knights,” a reference not lost on sci-fi Star Wars enthusiasts.  As fantastic as this may sound to us today, we need only to look a few years earlier to the CIA’s enormously successful Remote Viewing program of targeted psychological surveillance.

As author Jon Ronson notes in “THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS,” “In 1979 a secret unit was established by the most gifted minds within the U.S. Army. Defying all known accepted military practice — and indeed, the laws of physics — they believed that a soldier could adopt a cloak of invisibility, pass cleanly through walls, and, perhaps most chillingly, kill goats just by staring at them. Entrusted with defending America from all known adversaries, they were the First Earth Battalion. And they really weren’t joking. What’s more, they’re back and fighting the War on Terror. With firsthand access to the leading players in the story, Ronson traces the evolution of these bizarre activities over the past three decades and shows how they are alive today within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and in postwar Iraq. Why are they blasting Iraqi prisoners of war with the theme tune to Barney the Purple Dinosaur? Why have 100 debleated goats been secretly placed inside the Special Forces Command Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina?

Interestingly, the Remote Viewing program would become one of the most successful psychological concepts of its time and to this day, former agents, retired and active military and various scientists feature courses which explain how one can ‘translate’ these ‘benefits’ for their personal gain as well as ‘general advantage.’ The question which remains however, is dualistic in nature: is this learned ability a remnant of man’’s ancient past: an access to residual latent powers (a violation of the Darwinian Evolutionary Model), or a divination practice expressly forbidden by Biblical standards, a frequent tool of the occult.

Though The First Earth Battalion never really took hold (to the best our knowledge), it does however present an interesting and persistent image to those who have scrutinized the events of September 11, 2001, and the reaction of the President of the United States to the ‘news’ that was taking place as he sat in Florida Emma Booker elementary school, seemingly charmed while offering encouragement and engaging smiles as these young students chanted their “Easy Way” of linguistic instruction.

The short visit to the school by Mr. Bush included a demonstration exercise for their honored guest, and instructions to begin reading to the President. The story was, “My Pet Goat,” and even as the proud young students read the story aloud, not pausing even as Mr. Bush was temporarily interrupted by Advisor Andy Carr. It was at this point on the morning of September 11, 2001 that the President was informed of yet a second plane striking the World Trade Center.

Certainly there is absolutely no evidence of Mr. Bush ever having any knowledge of the Fort Bragg, “Project Jedi Knight” program. The suggestion of any knowledge at all of the methods being developed or even in practice by Lt. Col. Channon’s The First Earth Battalion would be grossly inappropriate.

There is however an increasing understanding in the science of physics, that matter, energies, events and concepts can and are being manipulated by the resonant vibration of thousands or millions of minds which is being actively explored and developed as 21st century science.

According to Pastor Dizdar, “Technology has met spirituality all the way back to the Old Testament days.” We are witnessing the science and the development by the nations of the world organizing the most powerful, advanced, equipped, and functional military assemblage in history. Many feel we are on the precipice of witnessing the epoch battle of darkness and light, good and evil: the battle of battles, the war of wars.

Unfortunately, if one is to understand the Biblical account of the monumental Armageddon campaign, these preparations actually turn out to be useless: this enormous sophisticated fighting forces is destroyed by a single sword from the mouth of the Righteous Owner of this planet, having at last arrived to take possession of a debt that was paid just over two millennia ago.

Since before the Second World War the US has garnered access to the elite and occultist scientists of the Third Reich and by the use of clearly arcane and bizarre, and yes: supernatural forces which have been actively recruiting and incrementally introducing these dark methods by stealth, but becoming increasingly overt.

The Third Reich made no secret of their plans to ’build’ a superior race of ’humans’ to be led for 1,000 years by a carefully conceived and groomed master leader. Exceedingly high regard for this is found in ‘legends’of Nordic history.

The SS believed that Einherjar spirit warriors were mighty in battle and incurred the Old Norse name meaning “one-army-ers.” These Einherjar warriors were to have fought in many armies and many bands, but are now in “The Army of the Dead,” awaiting a specific time when they are ‘reactivated and come alive at the summoning of Odin, the chief Nordic god to fight the forces of Hel, the goddess of death as well as the giants.

Scriptural contrasting is obvious: these Einherjar were awakened daily by a rooster, mocking shades of an earlier rooster who crowed thrice for Peter. These spirit warriors would also eat meat of pigs and drank mead milk from specific goats, when after bloody and “cheerful” battles, they would regroup during the night to collect missing limbs and body pieces.

Interest in everything hybrid and enhanced continues and grows, while

morality and holy values slip silently from view and an agenda of seemingly benign procedures which incrementally followed an agenda of technological malevolence with plans of human enhancement, replacement, post humanism and biological atrocities. That these have limited benefit in some cases has been carefully documented and broadcast.

Sadly, what we do not hear from many are the myriad of statistical failures, errors and inhuman circumstances. Pastor Dizdar ponders the source of this dynamic and immediately recognizes that with the hideous statistics that surround them, they most certainly are NOT from a loving God, while even more strenuously imploring the Church to become actively engaged in this battle.

As a committed warrior, Rev. Dizdar is confident that the hope, power and effectiveness of Christian authority invigorates, encourages and most importantly, confronts. Having witnessed depravity in its most inhuman form, his descriptions are dramatic and his involvement with these controlled personalities have become a topic of urgent importance: they call themselves, “The Chosen Ones,” and speak of a time in the very near future of horror and chaos, a term again that has been ‘chosen’ by the dark side known as “THE BLACK AWAKENING.”

From decades of experience Pastor Dizdar maintains that, “Sub personalities created within can operate without the host person knowing. They are trained for warfare, subterfuge, sabotage, reconnaissance and harm. They have their ultimate targets and the sleepers within will wait till the time of activation.”

Just as these black projects begin to surface and converge, the earth will find itself in a state of terror and raw anger, out of which of course will arise the prophesied Man of Sin, the Beast, the Antichrist, a devastating ‘activation’ revolt (or several concurrent) which will plunge the planet into unimaginable chaos leaving a planet fully paralyzed and prepared for order – any order …… and eager to accept The “Perfect” Solution ready for advancement.

In December of 2006, author and publisher Tom Horn of RAIDERS NEWS was interviewed by Derek and Sharon Gilbert of P.I.D., PEERING INTO DARKNESS ministries. The accounts of ancient knowledge from seemingly unrelated, unsophisticated and primal tribal cultures bring forth details of exchanges and engagements very few have taken the time to explore. If there was ever a time in the history of the earth, that time is NOW.

Sue Bradley

February, 2008

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Tom Horn with Derek and Sharon Gilbert

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Tom Horn, Author, Publisher, Pastor

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Derek and Sharon Gilbert, Authors, Radio Hosts, New Analysis

Peering Into Darkness

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