The strange story of Dr Death Ray

Thanks to PID listener Dean J. for bringing this one to our attention. Apparently, Dean actually grew up near this house! — PID

(BBC NEWS) — In the remote hills near Clydach in the Swansea Valley stands a large bungalow that was once the laboratory of a scientist known to locals as Dr Death Ray.

Harry Grindell Matthews built Tor Clawdd in 1934 and for the next seven years villagers speculated about what went on behind the large electric fence, topped with barbed wire, surrounding its perimeter.

Although far from a household name, he is credited with inventing the first mobile phone, a remote control boat and a working optical projector, which bore a remarkable resemblance to The Bat Signal, long before it was first used by the mayor of Gotham City to summon the caped crusader.

via BBC NEWS | UK | Wales | South West Wales | The strange story of Dr Death Ray.

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