Guy Malone interviewed by SF newspaper

Guy Malone (L) speaks to reporter Dave Maas

By Dave Maas (SAN FRANCISCO REPORTER) — /SNIP/ On Sept. 9, Obama personally told Philadelphia radio host Michael Smerconish that he had indeed seen the presidential “Book of Secrets,” which was the catalyst for adventure in Disney’s second National Treasure film.As far as the information inside, he said to Smerconish, “I would tell you, but I’d have to kill you.”

Guy Malone, who lectured on Christianity and UFOs at the [Angel Fire] symposium, doubts Obama is in the loop. Like many UFOlogists, he believes such information is classified above even the president’s clearance level. “I think the Clintons knew a lot more because they were tight with [former Clinton Chief of Staff] John Podesta who was trying to get this UFO stuff disclosed,” Malone says.

via UFOIA | Santa Fe Reporter.

Text of Malone’s presentation can be found here.

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