Washington accuses Iran of attaining nuclear weapon capability

Add this to Netanyahu’s secret trip to Russia (perhaps to discuss the S-300 missile cargo aboard the hijacked ship, The Arctic Sea. Also, remember that Obama will be meeting with Netanyahu and Abbas on September 22. — PID

(DEBKAfile) — Timed to follow on the delivery of Tehran’s response to the big powers’ offer of nuclear talks, US intelligence agencies informed the New York Times Thursday, Sept. 10, that they have concluded in recent months that “Iran has created enough nuclear fuel to make a rapid, if risky, spring for a nuclear weapon.”

The White House is quoted as saying that “Iran has deliberately stopped short of the critical last steps to make a bomb.”

A few hours earlier, a US diplomat warned that Iran is close to producing its first nuclear bomb.

via DEBKAfile – Washington accuses Iran of attaining nuclear weapon capability.

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