FBI investigates 11 letters with unknown white powder

Although local authorities are downplaying this event–if they report on it at all–it’s important to remember that a sample of the anthrax bacillus was stolen from a display in Dublin in April.  According to Science Buzz, ” It was being exhibited as part of an exhibition called “Infectious” at Dublin’s Science Gallery and shockingly the public were allowed unrestricted access to the deadly spores.”  Lovely.  — PID

Eleven letters containing suspicious white powder have been sent to government and private offices in North Jersey over the past 10 days, the FBI said yesterday.

No one has been injured and initial tests showed the powder did not appear to be dangerous, authorities said. However, the mailings prompted temporary shutdowns throughout Bergen and Passaic counties while hazmat units investigated.

via FBI investigates 11 letters with unknown white powder – NJ.com.

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