Freemasons on the Moon

“When man reaches new worlds, Masonry will be there.”

The above was a quote from the December 1969 issue of the The New Age Magazine, the official magazine of the Supreme Council 33° A.& A. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction, Washington, D.C. Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., 32°, visited the Scottish Rite headquarters at the House of the Temple in Washington, September 16, 1969, after the historic moon landing of Apollo 11, and brought back the Freemasonic flag that he took with him to the moon.

The Apollo program was rife with Masons; they were proud of being involved, and weren’t shy about advertising the fact.

Back then, Freemasonry wasn’t shy about admitting that the “Craft” is essentially a spiritual endeavor, either. Kenneth S. Kleinknecht, 33°, the Manager of the Apollo Program Command and Service Modules wrote, “The mission of the Craft has always been one of salvation, but until now its field of endeavor was the individual and the bringing of him to the light. Masonry cannot think in these terms now. All men everywhere must hear our message or all men everywhere will perish.” Read the full report.

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