Africans: 'Obama is like the Messiah'

obama messiah

The Guardian in the UK is reporting this morning that President Barack Obama is viewed as a messianic figure in Africa. If they think he’s over there to promote true democracy, they have a rude awakening coming. Obama’s in Ghana because of its rich oil and gas reserves. That is also the real reason that we now have an Africa Command.

Quotes from the Guardian article [Emphasis PID]:
“The African Union is playing hide and seek and we need people like Obama say he is not going to invest in Zimbabwe. If it can come from his mouth, people will be happy, because Obama is the Messiah of Africa.”

“When George Bush invaded Iraq people were very angry, but for the first time ever people are now in love with America. Obama is a saviour.”

“If George Bush had said “Africa arise”, we’d have said, “What?” But Obama is like the Messiah. We’re in awe and we’ll listen.

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