H1N1: HHS Plans 'Aggressive' Action

AS OUR globetrotting President meets with world leaders and the Pope before heading to Africa, the home guard is brewing up a cocktail that may be compulsory. HHS Secretary Sebelius, in conjunction with White House Homeland Security Advisor John Brennan, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, has announced ‘aggressive’ plans to combat H1N1 as fall approaches.

This morning’s briefing and press release hints at the decisions reached during the H1N1 Influenza Preparedness Summit at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. This ‘Flu Summit’ hosted attendees and used satellite feeds to connect governors and other representatives from the 50 states plus tribes and other territories.

Quotes from the conference:

“The President and the administration are actively engaged in mitigating the effects of the H1N1 flu virus and developing a national response framework and action plan that builds on the efforts and lessons learned from this spring’s initial onset to prepare for the possibility of a more serious fall outbreak of the virus,” said White House Homeland Security Advisor Brennan in his address to summit participants.

“Over the course of coming weeks and months, we will move aggressively to prepare the nation for the possibility of a more severe outbreak of the H1N1 virus,” said HHS Secretary Sebelius. “We ask the American people to become actively engaged with their own preparation and prevention. It’s a responsibility we all share.”

“The federal government is working together with its federal, state, local and tribal partners to develop a nation-wide plan to combat the H1N1 flu that incorporates the lessons we learned this spring,” said Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano. “The H1N1 Summit will allow us to continue this aggressive preparation for all possible H1N1 virus outbreak scenarios to ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep our country safe and healthy.”

“Effectively dealing with a potential H1N1 outbreak requires all of us — parents, educators, health providers, and local, state and federal governments — working together on our emergency management plan,” said Education Secretary Duncan. “Today’s Flu Summit is an important step in that direction. Our primary goals at the Department of Education are the health and well being of students, faculty and staff, and ensuring that, in the event of any school closures, the learning process will continue. ” [All Emphases – PID]

While the risk of H1N1’s increased pathogenicity has merit, the Obama administration appears to be taking advantage of this ‘crisis’ by clamping down on personal choices. The language used implies the very real possibility of forced vaccinations. Remember, the H1N1 vaccine is DNA-based and untested in humans. Should an untested, genetics-based ‘vaccine’ be forced upon school children? H1N1 is real, but so far it is relatively harmless. The real danger might be inside a syringe.

See the Summit’s agenda here.

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  1. Gotta love that free healthcare! I’ll save the government some money and they can give mine to someone else.


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