What Is Up with the "Cape Man" Story?


June 8, 2009

REFERRED to by The New York Daily News as “the-gun loving loon who threatened to kill President Obama”, Daniel James Murray, the mystery man with three names, was arrested in Laughlin, Nevada on Friday.

While Murray’s tale is tragic if not frightening, there are a number of elements that pique my curiosity.

Not a threat? According to an account published in the LA Times and elsewhere, Murray was “described by his father and former neighbors in Rexford as troubled but not dangerous”. But wait a minute, Daniel Murray was arrested in 2002 for threatening to blow up a supermarket in Hannaford. Murray punched his OnStar button and told the operator he had a gun and explosives and planned to kill himself. He served 2 years of a 3 year sentence and received psychiatric counseling.

Where did he get $85,000? Murray opened a savings account at Zion First National Bank in St. George, Utah on May 19 with an $85,000 check from Mountain America credit union–a bank in West Jordan, Utah. West Jordan is a suburb of Salt Lake City. Why didn’t Murray keep his money in Mountain America? And where did a man who drifted in and out of mental institutions (according to his mother) get such a large sum?

What’s with the ‘identification’ problem? Zion First National opened an account for Murray, so they must have obtained ID from him at the time. Driver’s license, social security card, local address? Maybe a photo? Banks are pretty picky about depositors, and there’s usually a waiting period before you can withdraw your funds, which is most likely why Murray waited until May 27 to withdraw the $12, 698 (an odd amount). At this time, his ‘id’ was not sufficient. The tellers at the bank have a vivid memory of Murray when he made the deposit, why then couldn’t they recall him only eight days later? Had he forgotten to bring his license? No matter what the reason, the delay agitated Murray, and he responded with:

“We are 94 million miles from the sun and are in-between the sun and moon, and the eagle that flies between them, and it’s a giant step for mankind….I have traveled thousands of miles to be here and know things that are going to happen…the banking system will fail and people will die….there will be chaos in the world”. The teller says that as she handed the cash to Murray, he allegedly stated, “We are on a mission to kill the President of the United States”.

Why the delay in reporting him? Or was there a delay? Just when did Zion First National contact the secret service? Murray had withdrawn only part of his account. Surely, he might return for the rest. Why wasn’t an agent waiting for him the next day when Murray returned for the balance?

Who are ‘we’? Murray is quoted as saying ‘WE are a mission to kill the President of the United States.” WE. Why plural?

Why was Murray so far from home? Daniel Murray lived in upstate New York. Yet, he drove almost all the way across the country (“…I have traveled thousands of miles to be here…”) to transfer money from one bank to another, why? Just so he could head to a casino in Nevada?

While this only tangentially appears to connect to Murray, a little mentioned AP report from the same time, details the arrest of John Zaubler (gee, he only has two names) for threatening to blow up both Obama and Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Zaubler had called ‘911’ to issue his threat, reminiscent of Murray’s call to OnStar when he threatened to blow up the Hannaford supermarket.

Just who is ‘Cape Man’? Is Daniel James Murray a delusional individual who dogs taking his meds and ends up walking around in a cape and muttering to himself? Or is he a victim of programming? It’s easy to dismiss him as a lone nut, or more sympathetically as a sad and suffering man. But could there be more? His bizarre behavior, and the mention of ‘we’ in his ramblings, along with his possession of a large amount of cash, leads to some uncomfortable questions. The answers may prove even more disturbing. Is there more to Murray than we’re being told? At this point, we can only speculate, because the evidence is annoyingly vague. Is someone pulling Murray’s strings? What about men like Zaubler?

Are the American people being set up to believe a lie? Let us pray that the answer is no.

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  1. I think this is very suspicious as it looks like a setup against “right wing extremists” that DHS positioned a couple months back. In one of the original articles the teller also mentioned he had a shirt that said “My way or the highway – God”. With the abortion shooting and this incident I am thinking that things are not right with these stories and their timing. There is no logical sense in any of this guys story with all this money. The amount $12,698 is if I can speculate a number that means something. If anyone is aware of the foul “Operation Blackjack” that has been posted on the Telegraph.UK site for 6 months then you will know that a supposed attack is on June 22, 2009 (a fictitious story but loaded with pagan NWO symbolism and numerology). If the Cape Man is part of the Illuminati NWO plan then they like to use occult (hidden) items the amount of money may be 1+2+6+9+8 = 26. 26 Days before Operation Blackjack where in the fictional story you have Christian Doomsday Cultist’s lighting nukes up. Now we recently have in the news a breach of security that shows all of our nuclear sites in the country and another news spot that shows a loophole which allows civilians to buy nuclear materials. I smell foul play all around. Who is the “we”? – well I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon find out and the alert level gets raised.

    I am suspicious about the NWO plans coming into fruition in the next 30 days. I know David Flynn has pegged the possible start of the tribulation to around July 11th. Obama said that his first 100 days were so successful that he would finish the second 100 days in 72 days and then he would rest. His day of rest would put him on July 11th……

    I think it’s time to start questioning everything we see in the news. Satan is the prince of the air and he has control of the airwaves everywhere now. The only source of news and the ability to question the news is the internet. I beleive that once they are ready to launch the NWO plans they will pull the plug on the internet so that we have to rely on the t.v. for all information. Well, with the mandatory Digital TV switch happening next week at least everyone will have great reception right? (I questioned that one over a year ago – why would a government in a recession pay for digital converter boxes?)

    The body of Chirst needs to rally together in prayer.

    Jesus Is Lord, and He came in the flesh!

    God Bless!


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