The Watchmen, 911, and the Harbingers


May 31, 2009 (By SUE BRADLEY/Raiders News) — /SNIP/ The events of September 11, 2001 have been thoroughly documented. The bricks were fallen down, but the rebuilding began with hewn stone on July 4, 2004 when the granite cornerstone for the building of The Freedom Tower was set.

The sycamore tree outside St. Paul’s Chapel had fallen, but the cedar was lowered into place on November 22, 2003. It was named, the Tree of Hope. From The Watchmen, 911 and The Harbingers:

The next day [when] the people returned to ground zero, they found a tree lying on the ground, pierced by the beam of a falling Tower. There, at Ground Zero was a sycamore tree – struck town…after the tree of Isaiah 9…a harbinger of judgment…’the sycamore has fallen’…

…and strange, eerily, the people made a display of it, not realizing what it was in the Bible… and put it on display, its roots exposed…not realizing, as if to draw more attention to the sign. And a sculptor was commissioned to make a cast of it. He poured metal into the cast: he cast it into bronze, the Biblical metal of judgment…an image of the fallen sycamore to be displayed on Wall Street.

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