Putin Offered Clinton Assurances at Private Talks


Curiously, according to the article, a report of this event is scheduled to be published in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. The Moscow Times makes this out to be a big secret — however, we found an account of the meeting dating back to January at the Huffington Post. According to the Huffington article, ‘Putin greeted Clinton cordially as “our good friend” as they raised glasses of vodka and then listened to a pianist pound out “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” ‘ So, is there some particular reason why this is resurfacing now? — PID

May 29, 2009 (MOSCOW TIMES) — /SNIP/ Clinton attended a private party hosted by Putin at the Sheraton and was welcomed by Putin as “our good friend” and toasted with vodka shots, the report said, citing Clinton. The two later retired to a private room, where they talked deep into the night.

On U.S. missile defense plans, Clinton said Putin told him, “Oh, we’re going to work it out now.” Full Report

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