Chamish: Friendless Persuasion


In light of Obama’s recent meeting with Natanyahu, Barry Chamish reminisces about the history of the so-called ‘peace process’. Read the full article here.


The Oslo “peace” Accord was signed the year before and Rabin, without exaggeration, was thoroughly hated by a majority of his people. And that would have to be hidden at all costs. This press conference was staged to remove all signs of Israeli opposition to Rabin, Clinton and Oslo. I sat in the second row, one row back and two away from Secretary of State Warren Christopher (CFR). I looked at his otherworldly face, noticed his ghastly wingtip shoes, and determined he was an alien from a far off galaxy. Of course, that was my imagination. Only much later did we determine that it was true.

Barry Chamish has also written a new book, The conPromised Land, published at You can listen to a reading of the first chapter at Chamish’s lecture page on his website.

NOTE: The site where this article is posted appears to advocate British Israelism. Just so you know, PID News does not espouse this belief.

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