Authorities Exhume Bodies of 3 Children who Died in Veracruz near American Pig Farm

April 28, 2009

YOU’RE NOT hearing this on cable news. While most claim patient zero died in a hospital in Oaxaca, mounting evidence points to Veracruz, particularly to the farm town of La Gloria, where residents began falling ill as early as February.

La Gloria lies uncomfortably close to a series of ‘oxidation ponds’ that are part of the Granjas Carroll pig operation. Granjas Carroll is a subsidiary of Virginia-based Smithfield Foods.

The so-called ‘ponds’ contain contaminated water from the hog operation. These foul waters reek of pig feces and urine. They also contain chemical/biological residues, excreted by the pigs, such as hormones, antibiotics, and perhaps even vaccines. It is unknown whether or not these ponds contain blood residues.

On Sunday, the Veracruz government announced that it would exhume the body of a 5-year-old girl from La Gloria. They will also exhume two other bodies of children from the same village. The deaths occurred during an influenza outbreak that began in February.

Local officials have also ordered isolation of the area around the Granjas Carroll facility as well as around other pig and chicken farms.

Why chicken farms? Mexico’s environmental czar, Marco Antonio Núñez López, says that an avian flu outbreak has been reported in a poultry farm in Xalapa. Not surprisingly, the Mexican government hopes the main stream media won’t pick up on this tidbit.

Also, in the western state of Guerrero in Mexico, as many as 500 pigs have been slaughtered after ‘swine flu’ broke out in that facility. Though Granjas Carroll claims no pigs have died at their facility, Mexican officials see a direct connection between confinement operations (pig and poultry) and the outbreak.

In La Gloria, nearly 60% of the residents have fallen ill since February.

More as it develops….

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Marker shows La Gloria, Veracruz – Courtesy Google Maps