Sue Bradley's Secrets of the Black Awakening–Part V: Rise of the Ancients

“Coming events cast their shadow before.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Inside the Munich War Memorial. The slogan on a slab near the entrance reads: Sie werden auferstehen–They will rise again.

”In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon it will all erupt and fear will fly as the bloodshed begins.

The Black Awakening will occur.

For them, those who have served this long cold secret, it has to; it is the only way to give the world a desperate reason. A willing but painful reason for the need of a new world order and of
a leader who will rule with a power that only the ancients felt.”
–Russ Dizdar, “The Black Awakening”

January 30, 2009


Nordic ambition was not limited to the genetics of pure race. A commitment to nature, animal rights and organic breeding was integral to the Reich’s prototype – after appropriate genetic corrections were realized. Through the integration and balancing of both organic and inorganic, a pantheistic consciousness of all matter which would replicate the ancient Golden Age was at last within reach.

According to Pastor Russ Dizdar:

“The spiritual tectonic plates have shifted: we’re just waiting for the waves to come in.”

“There is a world that has been active and multiplying just beyond us, that has been growing in such a malevolent manner because of the evil that is growing beneath, and has been using deception, for the most part, for centuries.

These “miraculous signs and wonders,” have drawn hundreds of thousands and, until recently, using light level attraction before taking them down into the 8th, 9th, and 10th level initiation of Luciferian worship. We are now seeing the millennia of patient commitment being manifest in the unusual and unexplainable hatred for the Holy things of God, adhering to the Luciferian lie of the rise in human “consciousness.”

The mission of the Third Reich was a two-fold pursuit: to possess ancient bloodlines via genetics and ancient technology via archaeology and physics. But what was it about either of these that would be so compelling and so consuming that generations and nations would knowingly participate and execute?

In 1973, Trevor Ravenscroft published one of the first popular books which examined the occult beginnings of the Third Reich, THE SPEAR OF DESTINY

“…This human spiritual ascension specifically calls on the recurring rhythms of the heavenly bodies which are activated with changing conditions of life on earth, but was not limited to mankind. A pantheism of the universe was the integral cosmology with the Earth itself being itself a conscious, living organism: every aspect of the physical, emotional and spiritual constitution was directly mirrored with the Cosmos Organism…

… The entire process of this cosmic evolution was focused on the inbreathing and outbreathing of the Time Organism of Earth and the Universe, corresponding to the contraction, expansion – evolutional and progress in the life body of man.

And this critical point, the contraction of the Time Organism of Earth coincided exactly with the appearance of the master post-human Ayran Race, the re-establishment of the Atlantean continent and the dawn of this new magic. But the origin of this energy, this enlightenment had been recorded in the texts as part of the ‘hidden knowledge’ and ‘racial memory’ of the ancients: these were revealed in a sweeping succession of events directed by the movements of the planets – “the wanderers”– against the emanations from the Fixed Stars.


The seeds sown in preparation for the “coming race” were steeped in the occultism of nineteenth and twentieth century Europe largely influenced by the metaphysical writings of earlier theosophists and mystics. These seeds, as understood by their adherents, are nourished by the life force of Vril–VRI-IL, “like god”, the vast primordial energy source manifest in levels commensurate to the hereditary purity of a the host. The fictional VRIL, THE POWER OF THE COMING RACE, published in 1871 by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton most closely describes the origins and properties of Vril as an “all-permeating fluid” used by the generational descendants of a post-flood civilization living in the subterranean canyons of the Earth, alive via the omnipotent properties of Vril itself.

Having power over all thought and matter, the properties of Vril can be used to build or destroy, and it is within this context that the concept of Vril begins to resemble the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. The genius of Wolfgang Goethe is attributed to his hours of contemplation of seeds, trees and half-cut apples and, by extension, his legendary psychic abilities which are, for the initiates of Vril, similar to the abilities of the subterranean race.

It was from the extraordinary powers of Vril that the transformation of the human race would realize its ultimate and destined position as a race, and seekers aligned themselves with like minded and worthy seekers, to form many of Nordic associations: The Vril Society, Black Order of the Sun, Men of the Black Stone, Holy Vehm, Thule-Gesellschaft the Luminous Lodge and the ultra elite Ahnenerbe.* The underground origins are echoed in The Vril Society’s maxim, “Not all good comes from above.”

Emblem of the SS Ahnenerbe

The powerful attributes inherent in Vril would by nature require scrupulous administration, hence the establishment of the racially exclusive initiatory societies for anthropological and scientific research as well as preservation and, most importantly, development. The goal of the Master Race could be achieved if there was controlled access to just one generation and while the present generation was too secularized for adaptation for the “New Germany,” the strongest could be built from “the inside out” through the stringent and selective program, “Lebensborn.”


The directed quest for the pure Aryan blood began under the direction of Heinrich Himmler, who believed that the Golden Age consisted of a race of otherworldly God-men possessing greatly enhanced physical, psychic, telekinetic and demonic abilities and powers. Their empires predated the civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, before becoming gradually weakened by millennia of inbreeding with the lesser humanity. Believing the Nordic population to have the greatest concentration of Aryan DNA, Himmler began the genetic processing and breeding program. Within the occult counsel of Karl Wiligut, there was the belief that this blood could be “activated” or “charged” to bring about latent ‘superhuman’ abilities.

Nordic females were evaluated for “superior characteristics,” and males with a documented pedigree of over two hundred years were recruited and evaluated for eligibility. As many as 32 group homes, possibly 3 within the US, were provided to encourage the breeding of SS officers with select young women. After birth, the babies of Lebensborn would often undergo ritual sealings before being returned or adopted into pre-selected families to continue their “Germanization.” Of their upbringing, Trevor Ravenstock recounts:

“The harsh training and pitiless and inhuman disciplines imposed on the unfortunate children…[were] designed to mould their souls into a selfless chalice for the incorporation of the demonic spirits of a high order. Hitler’s God-Men would have been none other than the legions of Lucifer, the hosts of the anti-spirits…

It is believed that by the conclusion of the war, there were as many as one million Lebensborn children that were being prepared for their eventual fulfillment of furthering the destiny of the “Victorious and Glorious Germany” and, as such, would subsequently be given governance over the ‘high places’ of the earth. Intrinsic to Lebensborn would be the commitment and conditioning to follow through with subsequent generational programs and programming.

Mr. Ravencroft’s observations are precise and descriptive but lack both the science and the hindsight of the early 21st century, and are now disturbingly prophetic:

“…It is fortunate for the world that the German Armies were defeated in battle and the Nazi regime liquidated from the face of the earth. For who is to say that over the next hundred years such experiments in human mutation might not have borne some measure of their intended aims!”

It is precisely this outcome that Russ Dizdar has determined lies at in the very heart of The Black Awakening. The children committed to Lebensborn in body, mind and soul, are now entering their sixties, and stand as living evidence that dark forces are very real, and worse, very current.

For over sixty years, a modern day horror story has been unfolding. It is now accelerating and nearing culmination. Territorial dominion has always been a goal of Luciferian conquest. No longer limited to Europe and the West, the prodigal conscripts of deliberate and dark unions have been assimilated into the cultures, curriculums and citizenry. They have been used in grotesque manner unimaginable to man, pursued, trained by their “handlers:” the darkest and most primal of masters.

Many have been unwitting subjects of military experimentation, mind control and manipulation, subjects of ritual abuse and cult training. Predetermined participants are “split, pre-programmed, with a sub personality created and sunken with codes until the particular key or signal is released. All that they have been trained and energized to do will be unleashed.”

The Glorified Race

Adolph Hitler was committed to his belief that the twentieth century would find itself “a critical turning point in Time,” when the mutated humanity, infused with the creative and cosmic power of Vril, would manifest throughout the creation: mortals, spirits and the elements in subjugation to the resonant powers of Vril. The “weaker stock” would be excluded from Vrilian development, subjugated and ultimately, entirely eradicated. Iron and clay beneath an enormous black boot.

“It’s all about elimination.”

Daniel’s days of increased knowledge are fully upon us, and technology has facilitated a marvelous exchange of information and understanding. But this same technology has carried a highend spiritual pricetag. Foremost the Satanic agenda is the silencing of the Church. Preoccupied with self and spiritually adrift, much of contemporary culture has unknowingly plunged itself into the Abyss. The age of allegory has produced an unwillingness of both clergy and laymen to acknowledge, understand and engage a politically incorrect, but very real and very hostile enemy.

“People want to continue to ride the merry-go-round and pretend that nothing is happening. If we take a look at what Satan did behind the scenes to Job, we will see that a satanic presence had designed it and the entire goal behind it was to make him angry at God and blaspheme God in all of his misery. Take that to a global level: the demonic presence is the same nature that it always was. That’s what we’re seeing in the world.

“We need to understand that the world we are living in now is not the world in the sense that God designed it in Genesis 1 and 2. In Genesis 3 we find multiple fractures occurred the moment we chose a different lord: immediately death invaded. There was the beginning of a physical death…and a spiritual death, genetics were changed, every aspect: economic, ecological, psychological…and in every consideration from that point on, total fractures occurred. We live in an abnormal, broken and fragmented world. It is not the world that God intended: but the human race opened the door to this.”

We’ve gone through the ‘frog and the kettle.’ We’ve been cooked: the natural order will follow the spiritual order in the collapse. Everyone is looking over his shoulder and wondering, “What’s next?”
— RD

In order for there to be an “unveiling” of the man of lawlessness, there needs to be a removal of resistance, a “spiritual extermination” on a global scale. Upfront it will be masked, behind the scenes is the real agenda. There needs to be an extermination of any spiritual presence that would contest the manifest rule of Satan on the Earth.

While there is an ongoing and unprecedented rise in evil, the corporate manifestation of the impending darkness will be unmistakable in rapidity, efficiency and magnitude. Decades of infiltration and reconnaissance will be followed by thousands upon thousands of cult-altered, coven-loyal entities being triggered to create the massive anarchy and chaos necessary to collapse governments and cultures for one goal: a replacement society, a new world order, governed by the Antichrist. Many believe the hour is close, that this man of sin is already present.


Out of this managed chaos will rise ‘the one’ who will quell this violence and control the horror. “Peace and safety.” The “Chosen Ones” have been created and many remain intact: ‘sleepers,’ contracted by the dark initiates of the Third Reich to prepare the earth, from within and without, for a final battle of ancient and cosmic proportion, and to the victor, a thousand year reign of glory.

Russ Dizdar believes that apart from an understanding of Revelation 19:18-19, it is impossible to appreciate the full nature of the kings and armies gathered in battle:

“They have been so thoroughly changed, so completely mutated from God’s humanity, and they will possess greater abilities, greater powers, very likely more powerful than the Old Testament’s Nephilim, ‘unless the days be shortened.’ These powers will be animated with demonically weaponized blood. The greatest unleashing in global history is scheduled.”

Guided by “racial memory,” the Reich’s emergent super race, may well have — at long last, harnessed in part, the long sought ancient technology, perhaps not unlike Vril, and with this, are prepared to activate and loose their subterranean archetypes spawned long ago by an ancient seed and hate.

“Most don’t know that it is predicted that an army will surface such as the world has never seen: an army whose leaders and soldiers will be the most fierce and evil ever. Many of them will have been birthed in satanic powers, bathed in satanic secrecy and will demonstrate supernatural strength and abilities. Forged in hell.”

The closing chapter of The Coming Race written by Bulwer-Lytton offers a similar warning:

“Only the more I think of a people calmly developing, in regions excluded from our sign and deemed uninhabitable by our sages, powers surpassing our most disciplined modes of force, and virtues to which our life, social and political, becomes antagonistic in proportion as our civilization advances, — the more devoutly I pray that ages may yet elapse before there emerge into sunlight our inevitable destroyers…..I have thought it my duty to my fellow-men to place on record these forewarnings of The Coming Race.”
–Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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(all emphases, smb)

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* Founded in 1935 by Heinrich Himmler, Richard Darre and Herman Wirth, the Ahnenerbe is a template for a shadowy nuance of progressive incrementalism and conditioning. Beginning first as a “Study society” for Intellectual Ancient History and German Ancestral Heritage (including global expeditions for both racial and technologic recovery), the “study” would become the “Research and Teaching Community within two years.

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