New rule prompts fears of guns at inauguration

Gee, Bush had eight years to overturn this regulation. Curious that the new ruling takes effect in January, just in time for the inauguration. — PID

Dec 28, 2008 — (THE HILL) /Snip/ The Bush administration recently altered federal regulations to allow people with permits to carry concealed firearms while in national parks if the park falls within a state or district that allows concealed weapons.

Washington D.C. does not allow concealed weapons, but Norton and other think confusion over the rule could lead visitors to bring guns to Obama’s Jan. 20 inauguration, which will be held on two miles of National Park land – the National Mall. Full Report


  1. I think you should have looked at his one a little more closely before inferring that Bush wanted people to pack heat to Obama’s party.

    First off, the article seems to me to be a load of inaccurate FUD published for the sole purpose of grabbing eyeballs and headlines. There is no news in this article at all. Just a lot of conjecture from people who crave a national audience. The National Parks ruling doesn’t change anything on the ground in DC. The ruling defers firarms regulations to the states or district where the park is located. While DC’s handgun ban was struck down their prohibitions on carrying a firearm in public still stand.

    Secondly, the way you present this makes it seem as though Bush meant some ill will towards Obama. As if to say that after eight years Bush now allows people to carry guns in national parks to create fear at Obama’s inauguration. With all due respect, that is the same kind of fearmongering nonsense that the MSM makes their stock and trade. You guys have often railed against this trick on the MSM’s part and I’m sorry but I have too much love and respect for the both of you to sit here and watch what appears to be the same coming from you.

    Go ahead and mod this off into oblivion if you want. After all, it’s your site.

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