Don't Panic!

October 24, 2008

YOU CAN LEARN a lot from a chicken. I refer here to the ‘cast’ of Nick Park’s ultra-wonderful stop-motion film, Chicken Run, starring Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha (best known for her role as sensible, long suffering Saffron in BBC’s Absolutely Fabulous).

Gibson’s ‘Rocky’, a freewheeling ‘free range’ chicken from the US seeks refuge in a chicken prison camp (the film is a based on the WWII blockbuster, The Great Escape), where he learns about true freedom from the inmates. ‘Ginger’ (Sawalha) is determined to lead her coop-mates to a chicken’s paradise beyond the barbed wire.

One of my favorite scenes features the entire ‘cast’ (clay models so believable you’ll forget they’re animated). In this pivotal scene, Ginger tells the chickens not to panic — and of course, they do, leading to feathers flying as the chickens turn on each other.

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