Secrets of the Black Awakening – Part II: What Lies Beneath?

Mount Untersberg, Austria

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September 15, 2008

Mount Untersberg, Austria. Most in American and western cultures have unknowingly been captivated by the pristine majesty of this Austrian summit, though few realize it.

The sweeping panorama of the spectacular Untersberg was the location of the opening and closing scenes of Rogers and Hammerstein’s spectacular musical, The Sound of Music. We too gathered ‘round as Julie Andrews sang of the songs sung for a thousand years and experienced the jubilation as the Von Trapp family struggled over the cragged rocks of Untersberg to escape the Nazi dominion.

We were delighted with Mount Untersberg. So was Adolf Hitler.

A favored destination for outdoor enthusiasts, Mount. Untersberg has long drawn climbers, hikers, skiers and canyoners, and paragliders. The Saltzburg, Austria tourism guide describes Untersberg as “Nature on the doorstep” and as the “heart of many Salzburg traditions.” But exactly what is at the “heart of” so many Salzburg traditions is to many both captivating and terrifying: an older rendering of “Untersberg” is “Berg der Unteren” – “the mountain of the people carried away.”


Often noted by spiritual aspirants as an “energy spot” or “magnetic geo-node,” many seekers come to Untersberg to be refreshed by the water, drawn to over 400 caves and tunnels by what is described as a “strong magnetic anomaly.” Mount Untersberg has been characterized by the Dalai-Lama as the “sleeping dragon,” the “heart-chakra of the world.” The legends of time portals, missing expeditions, tunnel systems leading to fountains, temples, forests and marble rooms go back hundreds of years.

One of the most persistent rumors involves the legend of Karl the Great (of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation), known in the west as Charles the Great or Charlemagne. Though physically buried in the German village of Aachen, it is believed that the “astral form” of this emperor sleeps in the mysterious depths of a subterranean throne room, surrounded by his strongest knights, gnomes, frost giants and fire giants, Valkyries and other “Volk,” awaiting the final liberation of his country and kinsmen; that he will rule over a thousand year kingdom of Aryan dominion. Other accounts maintain this entity is the spirit of the emperor Frederich Barbarossa.

Within the ancient “mythologies” of the “Ice People,” are the prophecies that at a future point in time, though time itself is a variable, the “Watcher-god” Heimdall will sound his trumpet to summon the children of Loki. This semi-divine/human Sixth Race will break their bonds and unite with the forces of chaos to sail from the land of the Niflheim, located in an astral plane beyond the auroras, waging the final battle with the current “usurpers” of the planet to culminate in the enthronement of their vaticinated king.

It is this anticipated kingdom and its preparation that has been the goal of the ancient spirits. This is the heart of the Black Awakening. And it is the understanding of the “Volk” that clarifies this motivation and interprets the history of the human race.

Much of this cultural view was subtlety incorporated and communicated through numbers, emblems and Nordic archetypes. Equilateral crosses with arms bent at right angles were found wherever German archaeologists and anthropologists traveled. An ancient symbol dating from the Neolithic period, the ‘swastika’ was widely used as both a decorative motif and a religious symbol. Finding the icon in remote venues and used by ancient civilizations was regarded as confirmation of ancient Aryan presence, past dominance, and positive destiny. Hence, as this disordered zeitgeist of the Nazi Party grew, the men of the Third Reich, and the SS in particular, saw themselves as god-like, righteously battling demonic entities for the long awaited and prophesied “Millennial Reign.”

As Jewish culture references “People of The Book,” Germanic ethnology, specifically the doctrine of Aryanism, celebrates “The Volk.” One would believe such an ethno-maniacal concept would be limited to history, language, customs, nature, land and ‘spirit,’ but in Germany, the whole was greater than the sum of the parts. And this ‘whole’ comprised a strengthening unity, increasing exponentially in power and purity.

In a previously cited interview on PID Radio, Derek Gilbert examined the occult roots of pre-Nazi Germany with Peter Levenda, author of Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult.

PL: “Hitler wrote poetry in the trenches in WWI, and it was all poetry dedicated to the Teutonic gods: Woden and Odin pagan that was the real religion the true faith of the German people before Christianity came to the region. There was an idea that somehow Germany was suffering because it had lost the link back to the ancient racial religion. So you had quite an environment of theosophy, spiritualism, mesmerism to a certain extent, and a lot of old Masonic and Rosicrucian secret societies and occult lodges that were really operating very well in Germany as early as the late nineteenth century. So from the 1870s on you had a very strong presence in Germany and in Europe, but especially Germany. Secret societies devoted to hermetic ideals, occult concepts but couched in a neopagan framework….”

Theosophy is a branch of the occult which sought to integrate theology, philosophy and occultic beliefs. While many names are associated with it, the most notable is Mme. Helena Blavatsky, who, while not the first founder, was principal in creating a circle of people who met for study, seances, and practice of this new “religion-practice”. The gnostic gospels figured prominently in this belief system, as did Kabbalah, alchemy, magik and the use of a mystical language.

This type of silent communication, language of the birds, la langue verte, the divine tongue is key in occult philosophy and, as with any skill, facility of use and level of mastery directly corresponds to level of initiation, frequency of use and personal dedication. To the degree we each permit, there are some linguistic ‘markers’ common to all: the language of mathematics, fractal nuances with repetitive numerical patterns frequently communicated through dates, cultural holidays and other indices, often passively absorbed. For the Third Reich, it was the pagan astrologic and Nordic holidays that were sacred — as was the birthday of their Furher, Adolf Hitler, April 20th.

Peter Levenda continues:

“The idea is that there was a mystical knowledge that not everyone had: that you either needed to be initiated into a secret society to find out what it is and this mystical knowledge will give you occult power. That is a major facet of almost every secret society, whether it’s German or no matter what country or realm you come from.

“There’s an idea that there is occult knowledge, hidden knowledge that the man on the street doesn’t know, and the only way you’re going to find out is if you make contact with other people who do know. Though this is common to everyone, the German variation was that this secret knowledge was racial in nature. The blood had the secret, your own race had the secret built inside of you….there was the idea of a racial memory, of racial heritage, of purity of the race that would enable you to go back in time through meditation to the ancient gods and the ancient practices of the ancient knowledge. So there was a combination of theosophy, or general occult ideas mixed with the idea of race.

“….This is why in the SS you had to prove your racial heritage, your generations, going back to 1750, you had to be able to document that you were a pure German, a pure Aryan.”

DG: “Was this a racial memory that traced lineage back to what the Christian or Hebrew scholars would call the Nephilim, the angels who came down to earth and mated with humans… the Annunaki if you will?”

PL: “From the point of view of the German theorists of this doctrine, there is a Biblical reversal taking place in Biblical legend. To the Nazi’s, Lucifer was an angel of light, and they adopted this from [Helena] Blavatsky…this did not mean that they were Satanists, which is the gnostic idea…a kind of duality….To them the idea of the Jewish people being the Chosen Ones takes on a reversal in their mind. …they interpreted everything backwards.

“Their ancient memory goes back to ancient times, hundreds of thousands of years ago, going back to before humans, as we know them, walked the earth. To some preternatural form at which time human beings had all of these marvelous occult powers. And what happened, is that the Aryan race became diluted with interaction with other races…and they lost their powers. So the occultists were trying to find ways to bring these powers back.”

In an earlier PID broadcast discussing the rise of Aryan tendencies within the Muslim Brotherhood, Sharon Gilbert explains that the Aryan god/man philosophy can only be correctly understood when seen through the light of Scripture.

“That was the reason for the flood, because of the polluted DNA. Yes, there was sin that was going on, but primarily that sin was lying with angels, polluting the DNA because God had promised a redeemer. Well, that same sort of stuff if going on today: we see this infighting between the angels….

“I would make the argument that the same human/angelic mingling is taking place today and we’re seeing it as, well frankly, fights that don’t make sense if you don’t go back to that, if you don’t pay attention to what is in Scripture.”

Andrew Collins provides a contemporary perspective in Gateway to Atlantis:

“History is not the past; it is merely our best interpretation of the archaeological and textual evidence handed down by our ancestors. The past is what actually happened — and by definition we can never hope to know exactly what happened.

“The idea that a race of beings, perceived to be gods, lived inside a mountain, both long prior to their contact with humanity and long after, is persistent and widespread.

“But the subterranean Watchers would not have been able to easily make the transition back to surface life. Having lost their pigmentation, they would have been extremely sensitive to the Sun’s rays. This could account for the paradoxical descriptions of the Watchers’ skin as “white as snow,” and conversely as “red as a rose.” Also, since their eyes would have evolved to see in the absence (or near absence) of light, they probably could not have stood much direct sunlight. If they initially emerged only at night, they could have fueled the lore in some mythologies that they were akin to vampires.

“Was this the source of the notion that demons lived beneath the Earth, or that demons only come out at night? Could it have been the source of the idea that a group of gods was cast into the Abyss? It seems a very likely idea, and it would explain the widespread pervasiveness of such beliefs. At any rate, it seems far more conceivable that these widely held beliefs have some sort of origin in fact, rather than being universally concocted for no particular reason. Even the most outlandish superstitions and beliefs had to have had their origin somewhere, and in something which was at one time concrete. This brings us back to the myth of the Black Sun, which is connected to the myth of Osiris, whom we believe be synonymous with Cain. Is it a form of symbolic shorthand, intended to be emblematic of the idea that he actually survived the process of death that had destroyed a world, i.e. the Deluge?”

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, 
that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, 
giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils… — I Timothy 4:1

The belief is that one day, this race of superior human beings who inhabited the semi-mythical lost city of Atlantis would reappear, through the superior Aryan Volk. Seeking to integrate theology, philosophy, gnostic and occultic beliefs, theosophy figured prominently in the belief system of pre-WWII Germany. In The Secret Doctrine, the Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy (1888), Helena Blavatsky developed the doctrine of Root Races, epochs of human evolution beginning first in the “ethereal,” then living in the Hyperborea (beyond the aurora), becoming physical in Lemuria and Atlantis before the destruction of the great galactic war of the gods, but retaining some of the ancient knowledge and latent blood traits as recorded in text and in verbal accounts of Sumerian, Egyptian, Vedic and Meso-American tradition.

A contemporary of Helena Blavatsky was Franz Hartmann, a physician, astrologer and occultist. Founder of the German Theosophical Society and prolific in written communication of hemetic ideology, Hartmann published a 280 page fictional work, Among the Gnomes, An Occult Tale of Adventure in the Untersberg.

The online description of Among the Gnomes at is troubling: “Hartmann was a famous occultist who understood the “inner secret workings” of nature. Although we believe this book to be allegorical, it well represents the forces a spiritual initiate is likely to meet and must master. … Also good for children.” [Emphasis SMB]

The vivid descriptions of Mount Untersberg included in the introduction by Franz Hartmann are eerie and foreboding:

“The Untersberg is known to be inhabited by certain kinds of elemental spirits of Nature, some of which are good and benevolent, others of a wicked and malicious nature, and inimical to mankind; and there are innumerable tales circulating among the people in the neighborhood, telling about the doings of the gnomes, fairies, wild women, and giants, dwelling within caves and in gorgeous marble halls and grottoes filled with gold and precious stones that will turn into dead leaves and stones when seen in the light of day.

“Some of the friendly tribes come out of the Untersberg on certain occasions, and they are said to have sometimes associated with the inhabitants of our plane of existence, partaking in the dances and amusements of the peasants, and even taking stray children with them into the Untersberg; and, incredible as it may appear, it is even asserted by, “those who know” that marriages have taken place between citizens of our world and the inhabitants of the kingdom of gnomes, and that these spirits of Nature, being themselves not immortal, seek to obtain immortality by their union with immortal man….

“…Of course it is known to everybody that within the mysterious depths of the Untersberg there dwells the soul of a great emperor in his astral form. There, together with his retinue, he sleeps an enchanted sleep, waiting for the liberation of his country. Sometimes very suddenly, even on a clear summer day, clouds are seen to issue from the sides of the mountain; grotesquely-formed ghost-like mists arise from the caverns and precipices, crawling and gliding slowly upwards toward the top, and form on the neighboring peaks also, clouds of monstrous shapes and sometimes of gigantic proportions floating on, until the head of the Untersberg is surrounded by a surging sea of vapours growing dense and dark….

“…This of course is fable, and the ’emperor in the Untersberg’ is well known to the wise; but as to the dark birds referred to, they are typified by certain black-robed and stiff-necked gentlemen, whom you may frequently meet. The liberation for which the emperor waits also seems to me not that from any foreign yoke, but the redemption from selfishness with its consequent evils…”

The website of the community of Untersberg gives would-be visitors a corresponding thumbnail sketch of this local legend, but contains the interesting inclusion of the St. Virgil:

At the time when Virgil was sent to Salzburg to Christianize the Pagans, he may have used the Untersberg as the focus for modifiying the religious beliefs of those in this area. Virgil was from the Celtic Christian church in Ireland, and he brought with him the Irish myths of little people and fairies that lived under the ground. He was also known by the name ´Geometer´, and he is thought to have written a treatise on people living under the earth, which almost got him excommuicated by the Pope in Rome. It was standard procedure for all Christian missionaries to identify the primary site of Pagan worship, and to appropriate it with a new ´Christian´ identity. Could it be that Virgil came to Salzburg and found the inhabitants still looking to the Untersberg with a sense of awe because of previous worship by Celts and Romans? Did Virgil build his local teachings on the local beliefs of an Untersberg underworld — adding Irish myth and scholarly anticipation of a round Earth?

Pagan beliefs centered at the Untersberg? Certainly, Virgil must have been fascinated and attracted to the mystery of an Untersberg underworld, especially in light of his Irish background and personal belief in people living ´under the earth.’ [Emphasis: SMB]

But seldom included in historical analysis of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, is the spiritually mesmerizing impact of Mount Untersberg. Hitler’s first direct encounter took place in 1923, upon which date the future führer would describe his feelings, “It was so wonderful! A view of the Untersberg! Indescribable!” While not specifically recorded, it is unlikely that the youthful Hitler would have been unaware of the dark writings of Franz Hartmann. His obsession with occultism and theosophy, now well documented, would explain the peculiar fascination with the “sleeping dragon” as described by the Dalai Lama.

Having rented Haus Wachenfeld, a small vacation villa across the valley from Mount Untersberg, for four years, it was in 1932, with proceeds earned from royalties from Mein Kampf, that Adolf Hitler purchased what would become, “The Eagle’s Nest.” A major renovation of the house soon followed, including a series of extensions, a bowling alley, a library and a basement. Most importantly, however, was the construction of a huge picture window, providing a completely open view of the Untersberg.

“Look at the Untersberg over there. It is not just by chance that I have my seat across from it.”

Hitler was deeply affected by the legend and remarked to Albert Speer, his architect and armaments minister: “Look at the Untersberg over there. It is not just by chance that I have my seat across from it.” In February of 1942, the Fuhrer commented to Heinrich Himmler, “Charlemagne was the one of the greatest men to ever live.” It may well have been that Adolf Hitler had hoped to see some type of manifestation: his telescopes were specifically designed for earth observation. “Those were the best times of my life,” he would later say. “My great plans were forged there.”

So magnetic was the mountain that the Fuhrer later explained, “I basically built the house around the window,” and he even named the structure Berghof: “The Mountain Court.” The Telegraph describes the Berghof as a “Bavarian country house guarded by 2,000 SS commandos,” with Adolf Hitler gazing from a “gigantic window… across a valley to the Untersberg massif, a sheer wall of mountain that looms large in Teutonic myths.”

For almost a decade “The Eagle’s Nest” had become a Holy Mountain of the Third Reich, drawing thousands of pilgrims to pay homage to their Führer. It would, in 1945, be transformed by the RAF in less than an hour to the “Mountain of Doom.”


The idea of a “New Europe” or “New European Order” was not only a political dream of the Reich, it included the dawn of a prophesied era when the bloodlines of Europe would be cleansed of ‘inferior’ racial influence and the super-race of German/Nordic peoples would take hold in Europe, and beyond that, the entire globe.

Land and space was necessary for both: Hitler understood that lands once taken must be populated with German bloodlines: this was more than a point of imperialism; this was the necessity to increase the policy/concept and purported effect of blut und boden (blood and soil): but the concept was not just the Aryan colonization, it was mystical as well.

Because social and racial consciousness was so intertwined with a mystical connection to the land, a program to immediately establish German leadership in conquered territories was begun. The program of Lebensraum (living space) was not merely seen as the spoils of war, but as the Ayranization of Europe: with an Aryan prototype people: the ‘superman’ of ancient Atlantis. As such, to exist in their fullness, the “Volk” must be on German soil, and there was a need to expand that land for the proliferation of the race.

“The unity of blood and soil must be restored,” proclaimed Walter Darre, Minister for Agriculture of The Reich. “We shall gather together the best blood. Just as we are now breeding our Hanover horse from the few remaining pure-blooded male and female stock, so we shall see the same type of breeding over the next generation of the pure type of Nordic German.”

Thus, the cold process of perfecting and strengthening blood lines, Ayran/Nordic culture and gods, German rule and values to progress with the culmination of a Master Race under a Master Plan is by definition Aryanization, and the forthcoming establishment of the Sixth Root race.

This coming racial expression, the great Volkeschaos (final race war), will demonstrate group consciousness and telepathic communication, high intelligence and intuitive skills, combined with genetic engineering, nanotech and cyborgism. Transhumanism, zero point and the Singularity no longer appear as distant futuristic prototypes for the prophesied new era, and when the Seventh Race fully arrives, it will be equated with precisely this power and perfection.

But the agenda is far more ambitious than super-humans. By replacing broken down biologic parts and ‘downloading’ new personalities, whether through trauma, psychological, chemical, electronic or psychotropic means, man will finally be free of the tyranny of matter.

To achieve this goal, the Nazi Party established international ties and organizations: those affiliated with or cooperating with the National Socialists during the war aided the dispersion and resettlement of Nazi officers and sympathizers on every continent, most notably in Europe, the Middle East, North, South and Central America as well as both polar regions. Bounties looted and prepared by the Reich during the war were recovered by the OSS and CIA and have been used to fund sheltered sanctuaries and fertile ground for reorganization and the establishment of a far stronger Reich and a ‘gale that will blow every shore.’

But what of these ‘mythical‘ portals, these sacred sites, mirror worlds, vortices, and extra-dimensional entities? Are they a reality, the “evidence of things not seen,” or to be taken by blinding ‘faith?’ The seemingly endless fascination with ancient spiritism has led to vigorous investigation of ancient peoples and sites and returned a decidedly split verdict.

For some, sites such as Untersberg, Mt. Shasta, Chitzen Itza, Serpent Mounds and Apollonian Temples inspire an earthy yet universal connectivity with the expectation of a quantum evolutionary spiritual leap, the dawning of Aquarius, the cosmic moment which will rally a collective pantheistic spirit into an age of resonant peace.

Researchers Linda Schele and David Friedel reflect a common new age philosophy:

“…the world was alive and imbued with a sacredness that was especially concentrated at special points, like caves and mountains. The principal pattern of power points had been established by the gods when the cosmos was created.

“So powerful were the effects of these rituals on the objects, people, buildings and places in the landscape in which the supernatural materialized accumulated, energy and became more sacred with repeated use.

“The Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs, was built by kings on the same spot and over the centuries, the sanctums within them became ever more sacred. The devotion and ecstasy of successive divine kings sacrificing within those sanctums rendered the membrane between this world and the Otherworld ever more thin and pliable. The ancestors and the gods passed through such portals into the living monarch with increasing facility.”

But for others, it is from within such venues and ruins that sinister presences emerge, smoldering for centuries and summoned by the siren’s song of a long awaited destiny. They have indeed been patient: a final rest before their “finest hour.”

And it is to such settings that Pastor and deliverance minister Russ Dizdar speaks:

“Many seem to want the ‘spirituality’ of the ancients that honors the rituals and sacrifices, but that spirituality has shown itself many times in history. Archaeology, ancient scrolls and texts reveal a flashing red light to modern day ‘seekers.’ New agers, 2012’ers and alien huggers will be the first to fall…Christians should be ahead of destiny with the preemptive prophecy and revelation of Scripture that he Spirit of God has shown us again and again. We need to study what the Scriptures reveal across the board and drop the seed picker approach.
The end has been told with precision.

“What were those ancients really like? Why do you think they were washed away by the flood and buried? Why were those gates closed? Who sought to erase their trinkets and why? That spirituality has shown itself many times. The old ziggurats were and are. We’d better wake up and smell the poison.”


“Is the Abyss a secret weapon in the arsenal of satanic weapons? Will evil be revealed in a sting that goes beyond philosophic mumbo jumbo? Since the Scriptures speak more on the Abyss than they do on the rapture or the millennium, don’t you think we should look into it?

“If this prophetic revelation is real, and I believe that it is, then it’s more of a threat to the world than any national or global crisis. The revelation of the Abyss will reveal very painfully who is on God’s side and who has chosen the mirage of a new world order. Your choice now reveals who and what you love, your choice now will determine what happens to you when the Abyss is opened. I hope you know, ‘God our Savior.’

“Prophecy reveals that the ancient nation/city of Babylon is a type of a coming global spirituality. This will bring an ‘unequaled manifestation of dark spirits’ as never before in human history. The rise of this Babylon has begun and is swelling. What are the signs, the effects and damage? It is as though ancient demon gods are being unearthed and given places of honor….but who will pay the price?

“There may be some doors you never want to open. Some doors you never want to go through. The Book of Revelation contains a prophecy, a massive prophecy about the near future:

Rev. 8:13


“Is it a dark hole? Black hole? Bottomless pit? Holding cell? An ancient place. How can we overlook this incredible prophecy that will impact the entire globe? There are many on the other side that seek to speak to the dead, to the spirits of ancient places of worship. They want to seek the “ancient voices,” or as Paul von Ward calls them, ‘The collective voices of advanced beings.’ Others have called it the Great White Brotherhood, the ‘ascended masters.’ The voices coming from the other side, trying to describe future events…there are those that believe that what those spirits are saying and predicting will come to pass.

“Alice Bailey, led by ‘ascended masters’, fallen, finite spirits, declared that these ascended masters would eventually lead the human race to new levels of science, a new science, science that would connect with spirituality and then at some point, the human race, the advanced scientists, would break the veil between the spiritual and the physical. The dimensions will open….”

Through the efforts of a number of alternative historians, theologians and independent investigators, there has been growing speculation that both astro-geologic and pedantic difficulties can be resolved with close examination of the vast collections of ancient texts which record human interaction with ‘gods.’

In a recent radio interview, publisher Tom Horn (author of several books on spiritual warfare, ancient ‘mythos’, and Biblical eschatology) commented on the current proliferation of media and private interest in the subject of transhumanism and possible acknowledgment by governments and religious institutions of an ‘extra-terrestrial’ presence:

“There could be a record here that we’ve done this once before and the results were not positive….it had brought judgment…this record of ‘over terrestrials,’ unknown intelligences cross blending species, and at least in some records, for the purposes of incarnating themselves.

“That brings up a very spooky question: just who or what is it that is being incarnated or ‘housed’ in these bodies? Are these fallen angels? Are these demons, are these aliens, are these ‘Heiser’s Lions?’ I think people have to consider, that regardless of worldview, from Jacques Vallee, to Dr. John Mack to Dr. John Keel to Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, that the evidentiary record is equivalent to Biblical demonology. That we’re talking about the same beings that are identified in the Bible as demons.”

When asked of the apparent recent reversal of the posture of the Vatican in this area, Dr. Horn’s response was to advise caution:

“There is no doubt that dark spirits could be producing this UFO phenomenon, regardless of what the Vatican or anybody else has to say, and the alien phenomenon, for their own reasons. Religious institutions look at this from a theological perspective.

“The theology of transmogrification deals with the fact that spirits can take form, and it indicates that there is an ability by demons to be able to manipulate energy, matter. The whole German term, ‘poltergeist,’ these unexplained noises…in haunted locations.

“Theologically, we know that demons can actually cause audible vibrations if you will…they have the ability to make physical contact with tangible material and that being true demons may be the ones that are producing this phenomenon known as unidentified flying objects or whatever, and doing this by manipulating energy, so these religious leaders need to be careful when they start pointing to any of this as being evidence that there is this ‘benevolent unknown’ that is making contact.

“Secondly, there are theologians that disagree with this premise from the Vatican and others…that UFOs might be used to actually deceive mankind, first of all concerning the argument of human origins to draw us away from our faith. There is an ageless question of, ‘Where did we come from?’ This is where all of this is going, the whole panspermia concept: that would obliterate the Judeo-Christian faith.

“There are also good scholars that believe that this could be an end times delusion. Wouldn’t the world react in amazement and shock and paralysis to the sudden arrival of an intergalactic wise man who was claiming to be the messiah? This deception has already begun…”

The Vatican is neither alone nor necessarily deliberate in the preparation for this great delusion. Concurrently, in both the secular and the broader religious community, an explosion in interest in gnosticism and occultism has reared an ugly head.


Recently it was noted that Stephen Colbert, host of “The Colbert Report,” will send his DNA to the International Space Station. Should this world ever cease to exist, Stephen Colbert will live on. Mainline news pounced on the story:

”The comedian’s DNA will be digitized and sent to the International Space Station, Comedy Central was to announce Monday. [September 7, 2008] …The host of The Colbert Report will essentially be preserved so that aliens can clone him.

” ‘In the unlikely event that Earth and humanity are destroyed, mankind can be resurrected with Stephen Colbert’s DNA,’ Garriott said in a statement. ‘Is there a better person for us to turn to for this high-level responsibility?’ ”

This interest in the vast conglomerate of mysticism was not confined to Europe, but rather rampant throughout the world. In reflection, the subtle seeds were being sown for a whirlwind of darkness. In 1900, L. Frank Baum published the first of a series of fourteen works that would draw the masses into the “Wonderful land of Oz.”

Though The Wizard of Oz has become an icon for fantasy, enchanting generations since the celluloid version was released in 1939, the subtleties of the hybrid scarecrow, tin man, cowardly lion and flying monkeys were being inconspicuously placed, as well as the horns of the Lollipop Guild. It would be difficult to find anyone over the age of ten who has not been passively exposed to the sinister, albeit brilliantly, scripted crypticisms. The Wizard of Oz is in itself a manual for occult communication.

With Oz and other similarly esoteric “fantasy” publications and productions of the early 1900s, the patient and insidious seeds were being sown. The cradle to grave grip which began with an imperceptible handshake, continued and flourished, twinkling in and out, fertilizing cultures for decades. The grip is now fully grown and on the cusp of an ironclad embrace and most of the world is completely unaware.


As both a watchman and a hands on intercessor, Russ Dizdar sees the coming onslaught:

“Like the prophecy of the flood, spoken of in the Old Testament, a catastrophic event, similar seekers, led by the same ancient spirits, mocked, laughed, sat and watched as the days moved forward. What God had spoken about for the catastrophic event of the flood eventually occurred.”

Ancient war gods, separated by time, geography, language and culture are mustering through hedonistic arrogance. Now battling among themselves for dominance, taking hostage the human race while using it as foot soldiers before being discarded as pawns, these dark spirits know of a coming date. It is revealed in Revelation 19:19. Eventually, they will unite to “wage war” with the ‘common’ enemy.

“But God has unveiled massive communication about why we sense evil in the air. Believe it or not, it doesn’t change. What God has spoken will come to pass. It has been revealed that a devastating impact, a Black Awakening so massive, so striking, that some, even those who are searching through all the minute tributaries of spiritual streams, those grabbing hold of every eclectic spiritual experience, looking under every spiritual rock and seeking to break through the dimensions and get to the other side, will be slaughtered as ritual.”

What can be expected of the Volkeschaos? Russ continues:

“Every type of killing spree will be happening in every city, at the same time along with many other things, bombings, crippling of the water supply, crippling of the electrical grid, sabotage in the military, government and law enforcement; the elimination of resisters. As bad as some things we have seen, this will be on a global level, and they are only sparks before the fire.

“The question is whether we are ready. What can we do to weaken the Black Awakening? The Black Awakening is the busting of the dam, but it is not water that will gush out; it’s the millions of dark spirits who are massed at the border of the veil that is between us and them. It is a satanic ritual, and those open doors to the dark spirits.

“The Black Awakening will have such a presence and manifestation of the demonic that it will be like a soot you can feel but not see. The coming new spiritual order will come out of bloody chaos and havoc will be accomplished by these hideous overlords.”

Though many are drawing strong parallels between the United States and the Third Reich, and correctly in theory, the real consummation will take place in Europe, and once again, the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts. As the patterns repeat, the beast will rise. It has always been the pattern to steal, kill and destroy. The vast wealth and contributions of two hundred years have seen an unparalleled plundering in every area in recent years. A weakened United States will remain, but the power, the dynamics and the dominance will be from the belly of the beast, and that beast is Europe.

“Spiritually and morally decadent, the transgenerational demonized idealogy is seething beneath the surface. The Black Flame in Europe is firing up as never before and it will rise as a Phoenix.”

And so, the question persists, did the Nazi regime really ‘go away?’ Elizabeth Best, Director of the Shoah Education Project considers:

“To some, the immediate response would be, ‘of course:’ most of the Nazis were killed or imprisoned many years ago. Some would acknowledge that there are those who use their symbology or have similar hatreds, but that the real Nazis are gone. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. While public opinion and outcry caused the Nazi movement to go underground shortly after WWII, the movement is thriving today, and it is worldwide.

“I don’t know if people realize that the goals of the National Socialists (Nazis) in the Third Reich, which we thought we conquered when Berlin fell, have almost all continued towards their goal without them.

“We think it was so different then. So very different. We have merely continued their work.”

Peter Levenda agrees:

“If we are talking about any other country and any other political party, that might have made sense to a point. The Nazi Party was not a political party; the Nazi Party was a cult. If you look at the Nazi party as a cult, everything becomes clear: people who are true believers don’t give up their true beliefs just because they lost a war. People who are dedicated to the Nazi ideals do not simply walk away saying, ‘Let’s become good citizens of the world.’ That wasn’t going to happen.

“These people were responsible for some hideous crimes. For some hideous acts. People with the kind of coldness, cynicism and a passionate belief in their own superiority don’t go away overnight. That doesn’t go away because you lost a war. For the SS that was not possible and the reason the allied forces considered the SS a criminal organization. The Nazis viewed themselves as a people persecuted by an evil conspiracy. they would need to maintain their connections, maintain their networks. Because someday they would rise again.”


Things continue to deteriorate on every level: physically, with the entropy of the universe; emotionally, with the fraying and constant alert weariness for both ‘natural’ and man-made catastrophes; and most importantly, spiritually, with the experiential clashing of kingdoms to be ultimately coupled with the finite against the infinite, the rage and the wrath.

As Pastor Dizdar reminds us, “The Biblical picture tells us that the closer we get, the faster it goes until there is the final clash…when the heavens open up.”

Did you think the ancient dragon would just go away?

He seeks the realms of politics, military, religions and…..

The hearts of millions to bring about the dark order.

His People have been doing ancient rituals to
Energize the secret power of the Antichrist.

His soldiers have been forged from hell’s kitchen.

“Babylon Working Babies”

“Satanic Super Soldiers’

“Chosen Ones”


They wait the cold call of this ancient hate.
Then all hell breaks out on you
And the rest of society.
O’ What will you do?
Are you ready?

An 18th century plaque near the base of Mount Untersberg states:

” ‘Untersberg People’ are dwarfs, 
very ancient, knowledgeable about magic, 
good-hearted but 
sometimes mischievous and mean. 
On their bodies are 
large heads, smart eyes and grey skin.” [Emphasis: SMB]

Sue Bradley,
September, 2008 (Please be aware that this is a decidedly new age resource and prayerful caution is implored if further investigation is desired. The website is in German, as are the embedded links. They can be translated, in a very rough and mechanical manner by using Yahoo!’s Babel Fish web page translator, .)


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  1. So amazing to me how necessary it is to have a good understanding of history in order to recognize what’s coming! Sue’s article brings this idea full circle.

    Eccl 1:9 “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done, is that which shall be done; and there is no new thing under the sun.”

  2. Superb essay, Sue. I would liike to recommend two books to you and the readers of this site, they are

    The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship
    by Phillip and Paul Collins, and

    Discovering America as it is
    by Valdas Anelauskas

  3. Your article really shines a spotlight on the seriousness of the hour in which we are living right now. I think America (Babylon) may play a larger role in the manifestation of evil than Europe will as you seem to suggest. Looking forward to reading the additional segments. Really great work Sue!

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