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September 12, 2008

MANY OF YOU may already know this, but one of my all time favorite movies is M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs starring Mel Gibson. This beautifully directed film centers around the family of Graham Hess, a jaded, former pastor who has left his calling in the wake of his wife’s accidental death. Hess’s splintered family must unite to survive an alien invasion or die.

Film school students must have a field day analyzing the content and camera work employed by Shyamalan. I shudder to ponder the precariously high pile of papers that must surely already exist, each one carefully cataloging and endlessly examining motifs, methods, and metaphors. Admittedly, I love watching the film for that very reason — there is so much ‘There’ there.

I bring the movie to your attention, because one of my favorite lines comes when Caroline Paski, a local police officer, suggests that Hess and his family might need some ‘family time’…

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