16 Dead? Did 21 US Soldiers Attempt 'Mass Suicide' in Iraq?

September 10, 2008

HERE’S A STORY we might not hear on the nightly news — assuming it’s true. According to PressTV and Alalam (both Iranian news sources), 21 US Airborne Division soldiers attempted mass suicide after dinner one evening in Iraq. The details are murky at best — no specific unit information is given, nor are we told the city where this took place. PressTV claims to have gleaned its scant information from a Fars News Agency story, but a quick search at FNA’s website has turned up no related articles. Mind you, I searched the English language version of FNA, so it’s possible the Farsi version would have found the article.

While it’s disturbing enough to read that 21 US soldiers may have tried to commit mass suicide (5 are said to have survived, leaving 16 dead), the description of their condition is even more disturbing:

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